16/04/2018: "Estate by the forest" in Kobyłka

MULTIBUD INVESTMENT W. CIURZYŃSKI SA is a shareholder in the company Kobyłka Dom Sp. z o.o., (together with the City of Kobyłka and the TECHNOBETON and UNIDEVELOPMENT companies) which is the target entity for the implementation of the investment in the PPP formula called “Osiedle przy lesie” in Kobyłka.

In the Project, MULTIBUD MANAGEMENT Sp. z o.o. plays the role of the technical advisor and investor’s supervision.

In progress since November 2016, the construction of the first building as part of the first stage of the Project is entering a decisive phase. Currently, the advancement of construction works includes works inside the building, such as: installation works, assembly of elevators; fiber optic installation and insulation. The basic construction works are advanced in around 85% of the total construction.

68 out of 84 planned flats have already been sold. Of the 16 remaining apartments, 9 are booked. Those willing to sign a reservation agreement pay 5,000 zlotys. 7 apartments are still awaiting future owners.

Estimated date of commissioning the building – June 2018.

Kobyłka Dom not only constructs “Osiedle przy lesie”, it also subsidizes cultural events for the inhabitants of Kobyłka and actively participates in them.

In 2017, the company participated in the annual “Days of the City of Kobyłka” event and was the initiator of the performance of the Choir of the Poznań Nightingales during a wonderful New Year concert in the Holy Trinity Basilica in January 2018.

In addition, Kobyłka Dom strives to reduce the nuisance of the operation of the municipal sewage pumping station by participating in the costs of technical expertise and its modernization.

The company co-organized the design of the investment of new Fałata Street and the park, together with a playground for children, through participation in the costs of their implementation and construction.

7/04/2018: Island of Granaries Project

From July 2017, preparatory works of the second stage of the Northern Promontory of Wyspa Spichrzów Project have been implemented by MULTIBUD MANAGEMENT Sp. z o.o.

They include:

  • Public purpose buildings: Długie Pobrzeże, South Marina;
  • Objects for commercial purposes: multifunctional buildings of the IV quarter (the area between Pożarnicza and Basztowa Streets).

In September 2017, Mąka & Sojka Architects studio from Warsaw was selected. The selection was made on the basis of architecturally and urbanistically interesting concepts of buildings with multifunctional, interestingly composed content of business premises with a total above-ground usable area of over 19,000 sq m, with an adequate number of parking spaces on two underground floors.

Currently, the consortium has adopted the concept of development. In July 2018,  the construction projects will be agreed with the City, so that in August the consortium could apply for a decision on the building permit. The start of the construction of individual facilities is planned for the turn of 2018/2019.

The designed multi-functional development in the IV quarter already arouses the interest of buyers of both service and commercial as well as residential premises. This is determined not only by the location of the buildings with a view to Motława and Marina, but also by functional values of the planned development in combination with the aesthetics of architecture and urban layout.

4/04/2018: Island of Granaries

From April 2015, the development plan for the northern promontory of  Wyspa Spichrzów in Gdańsk (interim name: the GRANARIA Project) has been implemented. It is an investment carried out in the PPP formula, where the City of Gdańsk is a Public Partner, and the IMMOBEL & MULTIBUD consortium is a private partner. The target company is GRANARIA DEVELOPMENT GDAŃSK Sp. z o.o., appointed by the consortium.

MULTIBUD MANAGEMENT Sp. z o.o. performs functions of a project manager and agent, organizing the commercialization of commercial and residential premises, as well as parking spaces.

In January 2018, the “zero” state of development of the first stage of the project in the area of 5,800 m2 was achieved.

The development consists of:

  • a service and residential building with above-ground usable area over 9,000 m2, including 150 commercial premises, equipped with 130 parking spaces on two underground floors,
  • a hotel complex with a total above-ground usable area of 14,500 m2 including 240 rooms, with hotel facilities appropriate for the 4* class of quality of service, together with additional space of offices and service premises, with an underground garage.

In addition, the Company manages the process of reconstruction of the Stągiewny Bridge, the external communication system and the construction of a footbridge connecting the northern promontory with Długie Pobrzeże through the Motława River.

Implementation of construction works encounters numerous problems. Just contracted from the AARSLEFF company in Warsaw, the foundation of the footbridge support requires testing the Motława’s bottom by a specialist company employing divers, to find and remove possible memorabilia of World War II: air bombs or other missiles. The support will be covered with granite from Strzegom, the same that was used in the 1970s to cover the walls of Długie Pobrzeże. The waterways, i.e. Motława, will be used for transportation of  footbridge and the Stągiewny bridge spans.